Universal Hobbies "For those who prefer the Finest"

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES is one of the leading brands in the world of farm and construction collectible replicas.
For more than 30 years we aim at improving the quality level of our models while offering a large choice in the different scales.
Our collectibles are produced by using die casting method combined with injection molding for plastic and rubber parts . To ensure the finest details, we prefer tampo-printing as opposed to sticker details. This gives our product permanent printings that will not fade or peel in time. The tampo-printing process can take up to 400 presses to complete a single model!
Last but not least, each collectible comes in a specific and official packaging designed in partnership with the manufacturer. We believe all these little details make our products stand out from those of our competitors.
Our die-cast models are suitable for ages 14 and over.
All products are made under licenses
Official Distributor for USA and South America : American Hobbies & Merchandising  / Sebastien CORON  at contact contact@universalhobbies.us or +1 331 588 2906
Official Distributor for CANADA : Toys'n Hobbies Distribution / Evens Gosselin at evens.gosselin@toysnhobbiesdistribution.ca or +1 418 291 0626
Worker with a diecast moldWorker with a diecast mold openWorker with a diecast model